What dinosaur has 500 teeth? Top 10 dinosaurs with the most teeth | dinosaur universe (2023)

Throughout history and around the world, our planet has been inhabited by many types of strange creatures. Each time these fascinating and mysterious beings have lived on this planet, they have evolved or faded into oblivion 🦖.

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Prehistoric life was dominated by large terrestrial reptilian dinosaurs with distinctive spines, massive limbs and tails, four-legged postures, and bird-like heads. The traditional view is that they were all dinosaurs.land animals, but some were at least partially aquatic and share many characteristics with modern crocodiles 🐊.

What dinosaur has 500 teeth? Top 10 dinosaurs with the most teeth | dinosaur universe (1)

A dinosaur is one of the most fascinating animals that have ever existed on Earth because they are endowed with amazing physical characteristics. Dinosaurs are highly valued by people due to their large body, gigantic size and size.big teeth. The appearance of dinosaurs is not a conclusion, but a conclusion of many scientific observations and investigations, as well as the description of fossil footprints by some researchers.

Famous dinosaurs have always fascinated us. How they lived, what they looked like and, of course, how many teeth they had. The big question is: which dinosaur hada bit bigger? After all, that's what those prehistoric animals were looking for, don't you think?

Our article will reveal the 10 dinosaurs with the most teeth in the world, starting with the infamous500 tooth dinosaur.

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The 10 dinosaurs with the most teeth

Dinosaurs are huge, fearsome creatures that have roamed the Earth for millions of years. They were the dominant species on Earth until they were wiped out in a mass extinction 65 million years ago. Dinosaurs left their mark on the planet, which can still be seen today in the form of fossils and footprints.

Dinosaurs had many adaptations that allowed them to survive the Jurassic period they lived in. Their size allowed them to compete with other animals for food and territory while theirssharp teethit allowed them to hunt prey and defend themselves against predators. Some dinosaurs had500 teeth!

Check out our list below to see which dinosaurs had the most teeth!

1. Nigersaurus - The dinosaur with 500 teeth

What dinosaur has 500 teeth? Top 10 dinosaurs with the most teeth | dinosaur universe (2)

Nigersaurus was a large sauropod dinosaur that lived in what is now Niger during the Lower Cretaceous Period, about 112 million years ago.Nigersaurus is known to be the dinosaur with 500 teeth..

The most complete fossils of Nigersaurus taqueti were only discovered in 1999, during excavations by the American paleontologist Paul Sereno.

The name "Taqueti" honors the French paleontologist Philippe Taquet, who discovered the first traces of this species when he organized large expeditions to the country in 1976. The name "Nigersaurus" means "niger-reptile', referring to the place where it was found. The specific name "Taqueti" refers to a subspecies of this species.

The herbivorous dinosaur known as Nigersaurus inhabited what is now the Sahara Desert in Niger. It was about 30 meters long. The herbivorous dinosaur Nigersaurus shared its habitat with the carnivorous Suchomimus, the herbivore Ouranosaurus. The skull of Nigersaurus was very fragile and it had a very large mouth equipped with teeth specifically specialized for scavenging plants close to the ground. This strange dinosaur had a long neck and an extremely wide snout with straight edges and over 500 replaceable teeth.

The skull of this species has been extensively studied by researchers and based on their findings they managed to reconstruct the animal's body in its most typical positions. Nigersaurus had a mouth facing the ground, unlike most other dinosaurs, which had mouths facing forward. The fact that it has very little bone material in its spine is just another one of its morphological peculiarities.

The National Geographic Museum in Washington, DC has specimens from this group of dinosaurs because they tend to be of interest to young museum visitors.

The smallest and youngest relative of the North American diplodocus, Nigel was the smallest dinosaur that ever lived, measuring around 13 meters in length.

Its jaws opened and closed like 12-inch scissors. According to Paul Serno's findings, "Among all dinosaurs, Nigersaurus Taqueti would win the Guinness Prize for creature with the most teeth, around 500".

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2. Hadrosaurus - The dinosaur with 400 teeth

What dinosaur has 500 teeth? Top 10 dinosaurs with the most teeth | dinosaur universe (7)

A member of the duck-billed dinosaur family, hadrosaurus was one of the last dinosaurs to exist before non-avian dinosaurs went extinct. It is also known as the duckbill dinosaur. This type of dinosaur had a large number of teeth in its mouth that were used to chew plant matter. These teeth are often found in fossilized form, giving us an idea of ​​what these creatures looked like when they were alive.

Hadrosaurs could range from 3 to 20 meters in length, and their jaws contained hundreds of "molars", or nearly a thousand in total. This collection of teeth was called the "battery of teeth".

Described as "possibly the most complicated dental system ever constructed", the hadrosaur's tooth structure was well equipped to grind down plant matter for digestion and may have been a key factor in the creature's remarkable lifespan on Earth. They had parallel stacks of at least six teeth held together by ligaments, rather than losing and replacing teeth like most dinosaurs. Until400 teethOverall, many of them were located at the back of the mouth and were used to break food down into smaller pieces before swallowing.

When chewing, a hadrosaur's upper jaw protruded to the side, while the lower jaw slid along the upper teeth.

Hadrosaurs had a short tail and a long neck, which allowed them to reach leaves on high branches. The hadrosaur was about 4.5 meters long and weighed 2 tons. Hadrosaurs have been discovered in North America, Asia, Europe, Africa and Australia.

Although the specific diet of hadrosaurs remains a mystery, it is generally accepted that these dinosaurs only ate vegetation. Some pine needles were found in the digestive tract of one specimen.

3. Apatossauro - O dinossauro com 160 dentes

What dinosaur has 500 teeth? Top 10 dinosaurs with the most teeth | dinosaur universe (8)

Apatosaurus is a genus of sauropod dinosaur that lived about 150 million years ago in the late Jurassic period. It was a large, four-legged animal with a long neck and a long, whip-like tail. Apatosaurus had a single nostril at the end of its elongated snout, and its eyes were on the sides of its head. It shared land with other dinosaurs like Brontosaurus and Diplodocus.

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It was one of the largest herbivores to ever walk the Earth, reaching up to 12 meters in length and weighing up to 30 tons. Apatosaurus had a long neck that could grow to 6 meters (20 feet) and a long tail that could grow to 3 meters (10 feet). Apatosaurus had a large skull approx.80 teethon either side of the mouth! This dinosaur had an incredible mouth that allowed it to roar terribly, which leaves us in awe.What does rawr mean in dinosaur??

Apatosaurus was a huge herbivore with an odd lack of chewing ability, despite its profusion of chisel-like teeth. Its diet was believed to consist mainly of plants and it was believed that it consumed them whole. It has been suggested that the creature used its sharp teeth to pluck leaves and other plants from trees.

Apatosaurus was a giant dinosaur with a long neck and tail that walked on four powerful legs. The size of their heads was disproportionately small compared to the rest of their bodies. They were assigned to the genus sauropods, which included some of the largest dinosaurs in history. Thanks to their long necks, they could look for leaves and other plants high up in trees.

Apatosaur skulls are difficult to find because their bones are so brittle and brittle. The Carnegie Museum of Natural History in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, houses a cast of the specimen with the original, both discovered at Carnegie Quarry.

4. Mapusaurus - Los Carcharodontosauridae

What dinosaur has 500 teeth? Top 10 dinosaurs with the most teeth | dinosaur universe (9)

As the name suggests, Mapusaurus, or "Earth Lizard", was closely related to Giganotosaurus, the largest known carnivorous dinosaur. Mapusaurus, like Giganotosaurus, belonged to the Carcharadontosauridae, a group of predatory theropod dinosaurs with hollow bones and three fingers. These dinosaurs used to be much larger than Tyrannosaurus rex. The adult Mapusaurus weighed around 3 tons and was 12 meters long. They had strong legs and a muscular tail.

The bones of at least seven Mapusaurus of different ages and sizes were found together in one place. Researchers Coria and Currie theorized that this may reflect a potentially random, long-term accumulation of carcasses (a kind of predator trap) and reveal information about Mapusaurus behavior.

Similar to Giganotosaurus in size and appearance, Mapusaurus sported flat, curved teeth with a serrated edge, which may have been used to crush its victim's flesh. It has been hypothesized that multiple bites from such teeth could have produced larger prey for Mapusaurus in packs.

5. Allosaurus - The dinosaur with huge teeth

What dinosaur has 500 teeth? Top 10 dinosaurs with the most teeth | dinosaur universe (10)

The fascinating Allosaurus was widespread across the North American continent. Allosaurus was a huge and incredibly fast dinosaur, measuring over 33 feet in length and traveling at speeds of 19 to 34 miles per hour. However, the most notable feature was his mouth, namely his huge yawn. When you see the power and impressive anatomy of these reptiles, you might wonderhow dinosaurs died.

This monster's gaping jaws were wider than a right angle, measuring over 31 inches and angled from 79 to 92 degrees, making them larger than the typical gaping jaws of Tyrannosaurus rex, which measured around 80 degrees. "Double-hinged jaw" is a term used to describe this opening. This giant yawn is unique to carnivores, making it perfect for the fast ambush predator Allosaurus.

Allosaurus's bite was particularly deadly due to the spikes on its teeth. The teeth of this animal have always been in excellent condition, as they are constantly renewing and growing. About 32 of Allosaurus' 3- to 4-inch teeth were used for hunting and defense at the same time.

The discovery that Allosaurus used its skull like an axe, "throwing" it vertically with open jaws to slaughter other dinosaurs was the most exciting part of Allosaurus's mouth. This would cause the enemy dinosaur to suffer significant blood loss and a significant reduction in strength. The power of this method was reinforced by the strength of the practitioner's neck muscles. When this dinosaur is attacked, it can quickly move its head and body out of the way.

6. Giganotosaurus - the largest carnivorous dinosaur

What dinosaur has 500 teeth? Top 10 dinosaurs with the most teeth | dinosaur universe (11)

Giganotosaurus is a genus of theropod dinosaur that lived in what is now Argentina in the early Cenomanian period to the end of the Cretaceous, about 99.6 to 97 million years ago. It is the largest Allosaurus dinosaur species and one of the largest carnivorous dinosaurs in history. Tyrannosaurus has been the largest known dinosaur, but fossils of Carcharodontosaurus and Spinosaurus have suggested that it could compete with the massive Coelurosaurus. When the work of Argentine paleontologists Rodolfo Coria and Leonardo Salgado was published in the late 1980s and early 1990s, it revealed the presence of a new carnivore larger than any previously known tyrant lizard. The gigantic dinosaur received the scientific name Giganotosaurus carolini.

The genus name means "giant southern lizard" from the Greek gegeneios "northern origin" and sauros "lizard".

Giganotosaurus was among the largest land carnivores other than titanosaurs, measuring around 14 meters (45 ft) long and weighing around 7 metric tons (7.7 short tons).

Giganotosaurus used its knife-like teeth to dismember its sauropod victims. Giganotosaurus would continue to sting the sauropod until it finally succumbed to its wounds and bled to death. After that, the Giganotosaurus would consume its food. He

7. Carcharodontosaurus - The dinosaur with 80 teeth

What dinosaur has 500 teeth? Top 10 dinosaurs with the most teeth | dinosaur universe (12)

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Carcharodontosaurus (pronounced Kar-ka-ROD-on-to-SORE-us) is a genus of carnivorous carcharodontosaur dinosaurs that existed in what is now North Africa during the Cretaceous period. It was one of the largest predators of its time and one of the largest known terrestrial carnivores.

Carcharodontosaurus was possibly the largest and most threatening of all the theropod dinosaurs that walked the Earth during the Cretaceous period. Theropod dinosaurs of the genus Carcharodontosaurus were the dominant species in North Africa from 93 to 100 million years ago, in the Middle Cretaceous period. At the time, this genus was known to have two giant species, both of which were among the largest predatory dinosaurs ever discovered.

Carcharodontosaurus had two rows of large, sharp teeth, one at the top and one at the bottom of each jaw. The top row was bigger than the bottom row, but they were all huge! An adult Carcharodontosaurus could have up to 80 large teeth.

Comparable in size to or larger than Tyrannosaurus, its skull was one of the largest ever discovered. The teeth are rather slender in width, curve slightly inwards and have small bumps in the enamel emanating from the carinae. It lived around the same time as Spinosaurus, but based on their different tooth structures, it's clear that these two giant carnivores ate different species of animals. A pair of short horns grew above each eye, possibly used for display or defense.

The Carcharodontosauridae family is in the same group as the Late Jurassic Allosaurus, known as Carnosauria according to taxonomists. The enormous size of these dinosaurs, their extra-large nostrils, and the nasal and maxillary cavities that drastically reduced the weight of their heads are some of the distinguishing characteristics of this group.

8. Ankylosaurus - The dinosaur with 72 teeth

What dinosaur has 500 teeth? Top 10 dinosaurs with the most teeth | dinosaur universe (13)

Ankylosaurus was a large armored dinosaur. It had a small head, a short tail and spikes on its body. Ankylosaurus was one of the last ankylosaurs to walk the earth 65 million years ago.

Ankylosaurus was up to 3.3 meters long and weighed up to 8,000 kg. The dinosaur's body was covered in plates of bone called osteoderms embedded in its skin. These plates formed a protective shield covering its back and sides. Ankylosaurus also had two horns above its eyes and two smaller ones behind them.

The main weapon of this dinosaur was its tail club, which could hit predators or prey from below. The mace consisted of several bones from the hip region fused together into a large knob or bone ball that ended in a thick knob or ball for extra damage when hit against other dinosaurs!

Ankylosaurus was a herbivore and was about72 teethin the form of leaves. The teeth were narrow and formed by protuberances that looked like huge points, with an enlarged cingulate at the base. It is very likely that the teeth were used to harvest plants, possibly including ferns, cycads and flowering plants, requiring very little chewing. The tooth morphology of ankylosaurs, stegosaurs, and pachycephalosaurs was the most basic and rudimentary of any ornithic dinosaur.

9. Tyrannosaurus Rex - The dinosaur with 60 teeth

What dinosaur has 500 teeth? Top 10 dinosaurs with the most teeth | dinosaur universe (14)

The fearsome Tyrannosaurus rex, sometimes known as "the king of tyrant lizards," should serve as our opening example of a formidable prehistoric predator.

Tyrannosaurus rex is a dinosaur that lived during the Cretaceous period. With a length of up to 12 meters and a weight of up to 6 tons, it was one of the largest predators to ever walk the Earth. T. rex had a bite force of over 10,000 pounds per square inch, which is more than seven times that of an African lion or other living carnivore.

ANDT. rex had over 60 teethIn the mouth, each tooth is about 7 centimeters long at all times. Teeth were continually replaced throughout his life; Once a tooth wears out and is replaced by another, it falls out and is left in the ground for paleontologists to discover millions of years later!

At 12 inches long, this giant carnivore had the longest teeth of any dinosaur, averaging 50 to 60 chisel-shaped conical teeth that were closer together in the front than on the sides. Supposedly, its front teeth grabbed and pulled while its side teeth ripped into victims' flesh. T. rex not only had the largest teeth, but also the greatest bite force of any land animal, with the ability to fracture bones with up to six tons of pressure in a single bite.

Tyrannosaurus rex was a giant dinosaur that could reach a height of 40 feet, weigh between 6 and 8 tons, and moved powerfully on two powerful legs. Its front legs were noticeably shorter than the rest of its body and appear to have been of little use. The scientific community is divided on whether T. rex was primarily a scavenger, a large predator, or both.

10. Velociraptor - The dinosaur with 60 sharp teeth

What dinosaur has 500 teeth? Top 10 dinosaurs with the most teeth | dinosaur universe (15)

Velociraptor is a genus of dromaeosaurid theropod dinosaurs that lived in Mongolia, China and North America during the Late Cretaceous Period. It was one of the first dinosaurs to have its DNA analyzed and it turned out to look more like a bird than most scientists expected.

Velociraptor was a small carnivorous dinosaur, the size of a small turkey, in contrast to the intimidating appearance of Tyrannosaurus rex. But that doesn't make your teeth any less sharp! Velociraptor's upper and lower jaws, each includedbetween 27 and 30 dentate teeththey were evenly spaced. The combination of sharp teeth and deadly claws made it the perfect predator for small dinosaurs, reptiles and amphibians, making it excellent for gathering and hunting.

Velociraptors had long arms with sharp claws on each finger. He was covered in feathers, but he didn't use them to fly; Instead, they may have features or insulation to prevent heat loss. The tail was stiff with ossified tendons, which would give it some balance in tight turns.

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From the long-necked Diplodocus and carnivorous Allosaurus to the sharp-toothed Megalosaurus, Thescelosaurus and Spinosaurus. These creatures hunted in packs or with others, they were fast and deadly. The ten toothiest dinosaurs are listed above, with each dinosaur bearing spectacular evidence of its existence during its struggle for dominance over Earth over a geological period spanning 145 million years.


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