The best dirt bike towbar mount for your ride - Dirt Bike Trainer (2023)

Need to get your kid's dirt bike out on the road for next weekend's race? Perhaps you're buying a motorcycle that needs a little work and isn't quite ready to ride. Or maybe you're finally making that big week from walking to biking but don't want to injure yourself in the saddle. Whatever the reason you want to tow your dirt bike or motorcycle, using a heavy-duty motorcycle hitch is a great space-saving replacement for towing your bike.

There are many great (and some not so great) options when it comes to choosing the best motocross bike mount for your needs, so let us do the heavy lifting for you. We've got you covered with our list of top favorites and a general buying guide. We got it loaded and ready to go in no time.

1. Black Widow Steel Foldable Dirt Bike Hitch Rack

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  • A solid powder-coated steel frame provides strength and sturdiness.
  • The anti-drop lock mechanism reinforces the sturdiness.
  • Suitable for 5 inch tires.
  • The maximum weight load is 500 lbs.
  • Perfect for Class III or IV hitch receivers.

When shopping for your first motocross bike rack, the Black Widow MCC-500 is one of your best options because of its unique features. This handy device features a solid steel frame and is capable of supporting motocross bikes weighing up to 500 pounds. and haveTiresup to 5 cm wide. This hitch mounted dirt bike carrier features a loading incline of 45.5 inches in length and 6.9 inches in width, which is more suitable for use. Includes a 5/8" hitch pin and a portable hitch connector. Anti-tipping ensures maximum consistency by eliminating unnecessary actions. This allows you to ride in bumpy or unstable areas without rocking your bike.


  • Easy to use charging earring.
  • Folding hitch for vertical loading.
  • Easy connection and meeting.
  • Trivial.
  • anti-vibration device.

In contrast

  • Its folding device makes the support less resistant.
  • Sorry to wear extraordinary 500 pound wheels.
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2. VersaHaul motocross hitch mount with ramp

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  • Made of powdered steel.
  • Designed for 2″ class III and IV couplings.
  • Four collapsible trusses ensure stability.
  • Integrated indicators and wheel blocks.
  • Anti-tipping device.

VersaHaul builds this dirt bike hitch frame maintaining the quality and sturdiness to pass any test thrown at its course of action. You can carefully transport your dirt or motocross bike to the preferred position. The Creator uses a compact steel frame with an anti-rust powder coating. Offers 500 pounds. battery capacity. This van features an extended ramp that measures 57.5"L x 5.5"W for easy loading and unloading. One of the great features of the VersaHaul Dirt Bike Hitch Carrier is the portable rails. They add up to 71.5″L by 6.375″W. You can set your position close to the car or far from it depending on your preference.

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  • Elegant design with powder-coated steel frame.
  • Easy to set up and take down.
  • Load capacity: 500 pounds.
  • Intended for use by a single person.
  • Secure locking mechanism.
  • Extremely reckless.
  • Get rid of rust

In contrast

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  • Unidirectional charging system.
  • The slope has no grip
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3. Towbar mounted non-slip bike rack for motorcycles and dirt bikes

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  • Robust steel frame construction.
  • Load volume: 500 pounds.
  • Maneuver-Abrollsicherung.
  • Sufficient inclination to carry the bike.
  • Eight built-in nuts and bolts for easy collection.

The Best Choice Products hitch mounted off-road bike rack is the best choice when you want to transport your bike reliably and cost-effectively. However, the builder uses strong and durable steel to make this conveyor belt, which is trivial. The powder-coated steel frame ensures durability for hassle-free transport of your motocross, scooter or dirt bike. It also offers protection. The hitch is capable of supporting 500 lbs. Weight

Another feature of this towbar motocross bike rack is its roll-lock maneuver and dual-sided mounting points on the frame that prevent quick-fireChangefrom the motorcycle. In addition, it offers off-road performance. The ramp is small, measuring 38.5 inches long and 4.75 inches wide, which can create dangerous situations when loading. Therefore, you must be careful when using the slopes.


  • Easy construction.
  • Multicarga.
  • Dimensions for loading from both sides.
  • Suitable for class II-IV couplings.
  • Trivial.
  • Powder coated finish.
  • Extremely cheap.

In contrast

  • The load gradient is short.
  • No wheel chock.
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4. Rack for Rage Powersports Black Widow MX-600X

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  • Solid steel structure.
  • Load capacity: 600 pounds.
  • It has a 5/8 clutch pin and anti-rattle maneuver.
  • Designed for Class III or IV hitch receivers.
  • Built-in adjustable wheel chock.

One of the most reliable motocross clutches on the market, the Rage Powersports MX-600X steel motorcycle mount helps customers with outstanding features. The product comes with high-strength steel, allowing you to carry a motorcycle, dirt bike, or scooter weighing 600 pounds. Powder-coated steel resists corrosion, which ensures long-term use.

This off-road motorcycle hitch carrier includes a rail that measures 6ft 2.75"L x 5.5"W. Additionally, the ramp measures 5 feet 11.5 inches L x 7 inches wide. This allows you to safely transport a larger motorcycle. You can assign it to the side of the shelf when it's empty. The device has a 5/8" coupling pin and an anti-rattle device that stops rattling noises. In addition, the interchangeable wheel chock prevents the motorcycle from constantly shifting on uneven terrain. Integrated anti-vibration collar and locking screw slow movement in the receiver and prevent movement.

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  • Stable powder-coated steel frame.
  • Easy to assemble.
  • Changeable track spacing.
  • Long slope.
  • An anti-shake maneuver.
  • built-in wheel chock
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In contrast

  • Very exclusive.
  • Not for towed trailers
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5. Motogroup aluminum double bike carrier

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  • Essential trivial aircraft made of aluminium.
  • The total cargo volume is 600 pounds.
  • Fits Class II-V 2" square tow hitch sockets.
  • Anti-tilt trailer hitch.
  • Useful margin width of 5 inches.

The Motogroup Dual Aluminum Motorbike/Bike Rack (Capacity: 600 lbs) is your best answer when you have trouble carrying two bikes at the same time. This double bike carrier comes with a trivial aircraft aluminum material and a gray powder coated steel base. This structure provides toughness and prevents corrosion. It can carry a load of 600 pounds. (£300 per bike).

It pairs well with 5.5" wide tires and fits perfectly with a Class II, III, IV or V 2" square hitch. The multiple loading ramp allows you to load your motorcycle from the right or left. The non-slip closure prevents the carrier from wobbling and the two lashing eyes ensure stable transport.


  • Steel substructure with gray powder coating.
  • Vibration-resistant design.
  • Multi Load Incline.
  • Two tie rings.
  • Rust resistant.
  • Assemble them in minutes.
  • Economically.

In contrast

  • It's not perfect for heavy bikes.
  • Hitch pin not included.
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6. Motocross hitch rack with luggage baskets

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  • Reliable design.
  • sturdy structure.
  • Superior build value.
  • The luggage basket offers additional storage space.
  • Stable performance.

The WMA Tow Bar Bike Rack with Pannier Baskets will solve all your hassles when you are looking for a durable bike rack. The product has a sturdy construction with a durable black powder coat finish. Constructed of steel, this luggage rack offers enough strength and sturdiness to carry your gas-powered motorcycle, scooter or motocross flex-free on long journeys.

You can grab it with your vehicle's 2" motocross receiver hitch mount (Class 3 or 4). The motorcycle rail can support up to 400 pounds and the baskets support an additional 400 pounds. The carrier weighs the remaining 200 pounds. You can use it during the rainy or snowy season as the frame has a black powder coating that prevents rusting. Lasts longer due to its anti-corrosive property.

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  • Four drawbars.
  • Easy to wear and buckle.
  • Tough black powder coating.
  • High adjustable wheel stop.
  • Fits Class III and IV receivers.
  • It consists of two large, deep tool baskets.
  • Heavy-duty transport suitable for a maximum of 1000 pounds
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In contrast

  • Blurry mounting directions.
  • Lack of detailed step-by-step monitoring.
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7. Versa Haul Cross Country Bike Double Rack with Ramp

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  • Light and resistant.
  • High strength steel frame with powder coated exterior.
  • A real self-storage slope for easy loading and unloading.
  • Four foldable drawbars.
  • An anti-roll lock system to increase consistency.

If you are looking for a dual motocross bike rack, the VersaHaul VH-55DMRO is the best. It would help if you didn't worry about the safety precaution of towing two bikes, as safety is the VersaHaul hallmark. The device has a compact steel frame with a powder-coated finish that prevents rusting. The frame is so strong that it won't bend unless you overload it.

The carrier is capable of carrying 600 lbs. The side consists of four lashing points with eyelets, which shows the durability. The built-in anti-roll locking mechanism allows you to ride in any hilly or hilly area without changing motocross. In addition, it adapts perfectly to a class III or IV towbar. Loading two bikes may seem more difficult, but the ramp's two-sided loading system solves the problem.

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  • You can transfer two dirt bikes at the same time.
  • Maximum load capacity is 600 pounds.
  • Fits Class III or IV hitch receivers.
  • You can flip the rails to load bikes on either side.
  • Built-in wheel chock.

In contrast

  • It can only carry 500 pounds. on every track.
  • No traction on the ramp
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8. Black Widow AMC-400 aluminum clutch mount

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  • Trivial design made from aircraft aluminum.
  • Load capacity: 400 pounds.
  • The anti-rattle mechanism for consistency and promotion.
  • Spacer bar connector for 50-80cc motorcycles.
  • Excellent for wheels up to and including 5 ½ inches.

When you go for the lightest aluminum off-road bike rack, Black Widow's AMC-400 will destroy all of its competitors. The Black Widow uses aerospace grade aluminum in its structure, making it very light and strong. They can safely transport motocross weighing up to 400 pounds. Additionally, 2-inch Class III and Class IV receiver hitches are mounted on this motocross trailer.

The carrying stand measures 75 inches long and 6.75 inches wide. Also includes a clutch pin. It is suitable for tires up to 5.5 inches wide. The 45.5 inch self-storage incline makes loading and unloading easy. This hitch bracket offers easy installation and can counteract the formation of rust. Therefore, you can use it in rain or snow.

Note: You must have theseTire changing toolswhen riding a dirt bike.

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  • Easy and quick assembly.
  • Corrosion resistant material.
  • Two-sided loading forces.
  • Suitable for class III or IV towbars.
  • Trivial.
  • tie slots.

In contrast

  • Not ideal for heavy sports bikes.
  • The rattle protection needs additional protection
The best dirt bike towbar mount for your ride - Dirt Bike Trainer (16)

9. Raider TOW-104 Cross Bike Hook Rack

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  • Exclusive construction.
  • Maximum load capacity: 500 pounds.
  • Sufficient loading ramp.
  • It has screw clips.
  • The dimension of the conveyor channel is 5 inches wide and 76 inches long.

The Raider TOW-104 is one of the most economical dirt bike carriers on the market. This clutch stand appears to have a proper ramp that makes loading and unloading the motorcycle, scooter or motocross more manageable. With the screw clips you can secure your bike tires after rolling them up. You can transport your motorcycle on this luggage rack that weighs 500 lbs. Its exceptional design will help you transport your motocross safely.

The transport channel measures 5 inches wide and 76 inches long, meaning the rack width is slightly narrower than other models. Therefore, you cannot carry your bike if the tires are larger than 5 inches. Uncertainty can arise when transporting heavy bicycles with this bicycle carrier. It is suitable for medium-duty scooters or dirt bikes.

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  • Easy to assemble.
  • Extremely protected.
  • Irritation-free loading and unloading.
  • Durable design to stop vibration.
  • Rampa autoalmacenadora.
  • Economically.

In contrast

  • It is not suitable for heavy bikes.
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To wrap up the whole discussion, we can say that; the admiration forCross bike towbar carrierit grows all day. They form the perfect means of transport for bicycles to different places. Our motocross hitch bike mount review provided predictions and an indication of suggested options that are worth the price. As we have seen, they all have different features and specifications. They differ, for example, in structure, load-bearing capacity and stability. However, they also have things in common. In this review, you can provide evidence to narrow down your selection process to buy the best hitch bike rack on the market.


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