MtG: 15 Standard Edition Best Brother War Cards (2023)

MtG: 15 Standard Edition Best Brother War Cards (1)

war between brothersis a new set of eventsMagic: Gathering, which had a huge impact on the story and mechanics of the game, and the artifacts once again played a huge role.

Three new Meld cards have been introducedwar between brothers, when two cards combine to form a third, more powerful creature. But the main mechanic of the set is the archetype, which allows players to throw cards at low replacement costs.

Our pick of the top 15MTGcard fromwar between brothersIt will give you an idea of ​​what to expect in the upcoming standard metadata.

MtG: 15 Standard Edition Best Brother War Cards (2)

Opactwo Swiftspear

Mono-red aggro has really made a comeback from the standard rotation this fall, and here's another strong reprint to make this archetype even better.

The squads of Boros and Izzet, while not at the top right now, will have a chance to advance thanks to the great strength of Swiftspear Monastery, which has done well in the modern format so far.

Works well with Bloodthirsty Adversary, which quickly draws Monastery Swiftspear with spent or discarded spells in the Graveyard.

MtG: 15 Standard Edition Best Brother War Cards (3)

put the gun down

While this restrictive removal spell, which is entirely based on the number of plains on the board, is not workable for any deck other than Mono White, it can actually be found in Azorius Control, Azorius Heroes, and Selesnya's Enchantment Space.

Of course, being a spell puts other restrictions on its use as well, but if used in the right deck and in the right situation, this card is easily one of the best new removal spells in Standard.

MtG: 15 Standard Edition Best Brother War Cards (4)

Urza, Patronus

Lord of the Guardians itself is a very powerful card that subtracts one mana from all your spells and artifacts, which is always a welcome ability in all blue and white decks.

But if you play Power and Weak Stones, which cost 4 mana instead of 5, and Urza is on the table, you can turn both into new Urza wanderers.

Of course, you need to be in a very good position to combine these two cards.

MtG: 15 Standard Edition Best Brother War Cards (5)

Mishra claimed by Jix

Here's another onewar between brothersIt uses a fusion mechanic, in this case Phyrexian Dragon Engines. When they attack at the same time, they can transform into Mishra, Lost Phyrexia, a 9/9 creature with some solid processes.

If you manage to match two cards, it's probably game over. The main question is whether Mishra, Gix Claimed by Gix is ​​worth playing solo, and here things may not look as good as with Urza.

MtG: 15 Standard Edition Best Brother War Cards (6)

Saheeli, the master of filigree

The lore of Izzet's artifacts looks alive and well, especially in the face of a great wanderer on the way.

It has an easy way to draw cards, defend or attack if necessary, and has quick access to an ultimate ability that lowers all your artifacts and buffs them.

He's not overpowered or anything, but he's a perfectly balanced wanderer with limited specialization. If it was 3 mana instead of 4, it would probably be considered OP.

MtG: 15 Standard Edition Best Brother War Cards (7)

go to the throat

Here's another big reprint, this time fromthe siege of Mirrodinput.

Usually players use Infernal Grip instead, it does 2 damage to the caster, but if you value 2 health, Throat is a better choice.

Of course, you can't destroy artifacts with it, but both remove spells can be used in the same deck if you're playing against opponents with a lot of artifacts.

MtG: 15 Standard Edition Best Brother War Cards (8)

hostile negotiations

This card is very similar in structure to Fact or Fiction, one of the basic elements of modernity.

The beauty of this is that at the end you can choose which cards to put in your hand, but you can still give the impression that your opponent has made a choice. As you can see, this mind game is powerful.

This card can work well on Rakdos, Jund, and Mardur, which are currently at the top of the standard list.

MtG: 15 Standard Edition Best Brother War Cards (9)

animal shaman

While Fauna Shaman is another creature that has appearedwar between brothersIt's not as exciting as Rainspear Abbey, but still has its advantages.

It's likely to prove to be a very valuable card in decks like Mono Green Stompy, but Jund players might find it interesting as well. You can search for Sheoldred, Apocalypse or Soul of Windgrace.

The effect is playable and not too expensive, so it's worth enough to try it out this season.

MtG: 15 Standard Edition Best Brother War Cards (10)

pyrex carnivore

The new archetype mechanic allows players to cast the same spells at a lower cost, but can be easily exploited with the Blink spell.

For example, if you spend 3 mana on the Phyrexian Fleshgorger archetype and then blink it with Touch the Spirit Realm, it will return to the battlefield as a free 7/5 creature.

This simple trick could turn this mechanic into a new standard prototype, but we'll see how far that goes.

MtG: 15 Standard Edition Best Brother War Cards (11)


This is another solid addition to any aggressive white deck that can really help players use all their free mana in the mid to late game and draw a few cards instead of going empty handed.

It is also a must-have in the Soldier Horde deck, along with Valiant Veteran, which can quickly buff the Recruiter in the next turn.

Coupled with the fact that it's a person, it's another potential tribal archetype that can put the recruiter to good use.

MtG: 15 Standard Edition Best Brother War Cards (12)

A puppeteer from Qi County

Sheoldred, the apocalypse is a real revelationwould dominate the unionset to all black decks, but this is zwar between brothersThis is an attempt to get your attention.

You can use both on the same Rakdos roster, or use Gixian Puppeteer instead of Sheoldred for a cheaper version, at least for now, until its price explodes.

It is even possible to bring back some combo combinations from the Graveyard ability.

MtG: 15 Standard Edition Best Brother War Cards (13)

tooth error

This is an amazing change to the artifact deck!

This little creature can be of some value to Mono-Green artifacts, as it can grow quickly and become quite a threat.

It's also possible that Wizards of the Coast is trying to introduce something exciting for this card in a future set. For example, there have been rumors of Hardened Scales reprinting in Standard, and if that's the case, Tuskworm could be the next big thing.

MtG: 15 Standard Edition Best Brother War Cards (14)

shadow of misfortune

Although Shadow of Pain only costs 2 mana, it is inappropriate to use it in the second turn. The best way to use this card is in the late game, when you have enough mana to increase its power and durability.

In this case, your opponent will think twice before trying to block Misery's Shadow with their own creatures, and if they do, they will likely lose all their blockers.

MtG: 15 Standard Edition Best Brother War Cards (15)

Teferi, Pilgrim of Time

Wizards of the Coast quickly reintroduced the 5-man planeswalker Teferi. Thankfully, it's not as powerful as the last one, and to be honest, it might be a bit underpowered right now.

Still, there will be plenty of U/W control decks serving Teferi, the Pilgrim in Time, and loving every minute of it.

It also seems that with all the matchmaking mechanics available, his ultimate doesn't take long to activate, even a few times per game.

MtG: 15 Standard Edition Best Brother War Cards (16)

iconoclasts of the third way

This is another basic part of the Izzet Artifact that is included in the setwar between brothers.

The tokens generated by Third Path Iconoclast are artifacts and this is a very important distinction.

Another cool feature to note is that it generates artifacts when casting any non-creature spell, not just moments or spells, so there's also some room to move around.

Here are the top 15 lettersMTGzwar between brothersput. Off this top listwar between brothersstandard card, be sure to check out our othersMagic guide and card list here.

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