Mosaic kitchen backsplash (design styles) - design idea (2023)

Here we share our mosaic kitchen backsplash designs including what it is, the different styles, shapes, materials, grout tips and the best mosaic backsplash adhesive.
Mosaic kitchen backsplash (design styles) - design idea (1)Create a stunning backdrop for the heart of the home with a mosaic kitchen backsplash. The design possibilities are endless, from luxurious glass and metal inserts to bold, colorful mosaics. Plus, you can customize the patterns to suit your personality and style.

With so many designs to choose from, using a mosaic kitchen backsplash can not only enhance the look of your kitchen, but also create an opportunity to showcase your unique personality in your home.

No design is impossible with these beautiful tile pieces, from soft geometric patterns to colorful abstractions. When deciding on your kitchen design elements, you can take inspiration from the mosaic kitchen backsplash by referring to the color scheme, texture and patterns.

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What is a mosaic backsplash?

Mosaic kitchen backsplash (design styles) - design idea (2)A mosaic backsplash is an area of ​​mosaic tile installed as wall covering in a kitchen, usually between the wall cabinets and the countertop deck, running continuously along the length of the backsplash.

Mosaics are small, thin, durable surface materials, usually made from stone, ceramics, porcelain, wood, glass, metal, or fired clay. Even recycled materials like tile or broken glass can be processed in a mosaic installation.

Mosaic tiles are manufactured commercially in loose or netted form and come in standard sizes:

1 inch x 1 inch

2 inches x 2 inches

1 inch x 2 inches

A backing material is required for the tiles to adhere to the substrate or wall, which is standard for grid-attached shapes. The most common and affordable backing material is concrete backing board, which can be easily cut into ¼ and ½ inch thick slabs and is available at most home improvement stores.

Mosaics have been used for centuries and started as an art form in many countries. Mosaic tile backsplash designs combine traditional designs with contemporary mosaic designs and are extensive with a variety of materials, finishes, patterns, colors, shapes and sizes.

Another important consideration for mosaicsTypes of kitchen backsplashesis the grout and support material. Today there is a wide variety of grout types with bolder colors, but classic white grout is still popular.

There are many commercial tile backers available, but the most cost-effective option is concrete backing, as they are inexpensive but work well as backing material. The plate is available in 1/4" and ½" thick plates.

mosaic backsplash designs

Mosaic kitchen backsplash (design styles) - design idea (3)Here we share the different mosaic backsplash designs.

Mosaico Subway Azulejo Backsplash

Mosaic kitchen backsplash (design styles) - design idea (4)the mosaicSubway Tile BacksplashIt consists of the smaller version of subway blocks with the same 1:2 ratio (width is twice the height). Standard Underground Tiles usually come in 3" x 6" tile sizes, but Underground Tiles usually have 1" x 2" tiles. There are also 1" x 3" tiles.

Tile versions can be purchased as individual tiles or by strip, and each underground tile strip is measured by the square foot for ease of installation. Horizontal tile is usually placed on larger subway tiles, creating a cohesive look with the tile accent.

These small tiles can appear flush or bevelled. Small subway tiles come in a variety of materials, with glass, metal and inlaid ceramic being the most common choices for kitchens because of their easy maintenance.

Patterns and designs:

stacked up


herringbone pattern




Mosaic kitchen backsplash (design styles) - design idea (5)Named for its rounded shape, penny tile, or sometimes called penny round, has been used for centuries, but its recent return to contemporary kitchens has shown that classic tile can be a timeless addition.

Round tile gives off a fun, positive vibe, but you can also create a moody, laid-back vibe with pastels and neutrals. The ombre effect is also a popular layout design for penny blocks as it creates a smooth transition between colors.

The standard size for Penny Tiles is 3/4 inch or 32 x 29mm with 1 inch diameter. Penny tiles can be installed widely on the backsplash or create a break between larger tiles. Like any tile, penny tiles can be purchased individually or by the sheet.

They are comingEnamelowithout enamellingwith a variety of materials, but metal and glass are the most luxurious and recommended for ease of cleaning and maintenance. Even using a single color or shade, such as blue BPenny Tile Backsplashwith brass or gold fittings, it can make a stunning backdrop for a kitchen backsplash.

Patterns and designs:


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chess board pattern

Stripe Effect (Alternative Subway and Penny Blocks)

Penny Multi-Grey Tiles

real tiles

square tile

Mosaic kitchen backsplash (design styles) - design idea (6)A mosaic of square tiles is a common tile for creating a larger picture or pattern. With equal sides and corners, each component easily fits together in a puzzle-like pattern to create anything from geometric to intricate.mosaic pattern.

Additionally, the straight-edged pieces can be used flush with a countertop or wall cabinet, as well as common kitchen tiles, such as subway tiles, creating a unique blend of shapes.

This versatility makes it a popular choice for kitchen backsplashes to create tile designs that range from geometric to intricate.Square tiles are typically ½" x ½" in size and come in a variety of materials.

Patterns and designs:

grid pattern



square grid strip


grade diagonal

Zigzag (alternating colors)

hexagonal mosaic

Mosaic kitchen backsplash (design styles) - design idea (7)Considered a cousin to penny tile, hexagonal tile is a hot material for kitchen backsplashes due to its dimensional, modern aesthetic, making it a versatile choice for contemporary kitchens.

The typical size of hexagonal tiles is ½ inch by ½ inch and they can be purchased by individual pieces or in a specific sheet size where the individual hexagonal tiles are arranged in a specific pattern.

Honeycomb tile varieties are turned or oblong, with two parallel sides, usually twice as long as the rest, creating the turned shape.backsplash hexagon tilesIt can be used to create larger hexagons or other shapes, adding continued visual interest to your kitchen backsplash.

Patterns and designs:

gradient effect

Half black and half white tile

Pattern X (black and white)

Partial backsplash installation


Mosaic kitchen backsplash (design styles) - design idea (8)Take a look at this octagonal mosaic backsplashAmazon [sponsored link]

A classic Victorian favourite, the octagon tile is a small tile with eight sides and eight corners. In addition to having equal sides, octagonal tiles can come with a variation of four smaller corners that create a truncated square appearance.

A vintage mosaic shape is now a popular choice for kitchen owners looking to add an eye-catching backsplash with a familiar geometric pattern. The octagonal mosaic can be integrated into modern kitchen interiors thanks to the wide modern variations.classic mosaic shapesuch as monochrome, pastel, and flush edges with gold or silver gaskets.

Octagonal tiles are typically ½ inch by ½ inch. The most recognizable design of octagonal tiles is where the tiles are placed at a 45 degree angle, with smaller tiles placed between the crosses.

Patterns and designs:

Red:White octagonal tiles with black square tile inserts

Elongated octagon forms a criss-cross pattern with square tile inserts

rhetorical composition

diamond mosaic backsplash

Mosaic kitchen backsplash (design styles) - design idea (9)A diamond mosaic offers a dimensional aesthetic perfect for breaking the linear alignment of common elements in interior spaces like the kitchen. Adding movement in a rather drab alignment creates visual interest in the backsplash area.

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Diamond mosaic tiles can be arranged in various patterns, creating larger shapes like B. the 3D cube, a popular modern furniture item. Cube 3D is made by arranging three diamond tiles to create an isometric view of a cube.

The illusion creates an interesting background in a matte or glossy finish. Diamond mosaics can also be used as inlay between or betweenbigger tiles.

patterns and designs

Tricolor diamond in grid pattern

Rhombus forming 3D cube

Diamond grid with truncated edges and small square inserts

Elongated rhombus in horizontal grid layout

herringbone pattern

Mosaic kitchen backsplash (design styles) - design idea (10)An imaginary resemblance to the bones of a fish, particularly herring. Heherringbone patternIt is characterized by rectangular blocks arranged at right angles to each other, creating a V-shaped plot.

Each rectangle makes a 90 degree angle with another rectangle, with the pair offsetting the other pairs up and down, creating an overlapping effect.

Typically, the edge length of the block is in a 2:1 or 3:1 ratio. Herringbone mosaic can be used sparingly with other large-format tiles, but it can also look stunning with a full panel of herringbone mosaic on a kitchen backsplash.

patterns and designs

Alternating three colors in diagonal orientation

vertical alignment

90 degree orientation


Mosaic kitchen backsplash (design styles) - design idea (11)A chevron tile similar to a herringbone tile is oriented at a specific angle where the pair of rectangular tiles creates the V shape.

However, with a chevron tile, both ends of the rectangle meet, creating a straight line that is usually oriented vertically.

patterns and designs

Offset Black and white color shift Vertical alignment

Rainbow colors with grunge effect in landscape orientation

Whitewashed Chevron tiles with black grout

spanish mosaic

Mosaic kitchen backsplash (design styles) - design idea (12)Spanish mosaics are synonymous with vibrant colors and spectacular patterns. Even after thousands of years, with its distinctive features thatspanish mosaicsthey continue to be a popular focal point in modern homes ranging from the sublime to the spectacular.

A traditional type of mosaic is called "majolica" or tiles with a milky white glaze. Adding these unique Spanish mosaic tiles will effortlessly add life and character to your kitchen backsplash.

Its colorful design can provide an effective contrast to a monochromatic colored tile, or you can use its colors and patterns as inspiration when choosing the rest of the design elements in your kitchen.


Mosaic kitchen backsplash (design styles) - design idea (13)Far from having this rectilinear shape, the arabesque that is now called the New Age subway tile has a curved pattern superimposed by interwoven elements, resembling a lantern.The unusual shape is drawn by the natural curved lines that match the curves of leaves and vines.

arabesque tilesThey were popular during the Renaissance until the 19th century and are commonly used to decorate European buildings and household items, as well as in Moorish or Moorish architecture and interior design.Arabesque mosaics are commonly available in 2" by 2" or 2" by 2½" sizes and come in a variety of finishes, colors and materials.

A unique tile finish popular with arabesque mosaic tiles is the iridescent glass finish, where individual tiles appear to change color depending on the quality of light hitting the surface. The color change also occurs when looking at the tiles from different angles.

Backsplash Mosaico Linear

Mosaic kitchen backsplash (design styles) - design idea (14)A linear tile can create the illusion of a larger space for smaller kitchens, as the horizontal lines draw attention to the sides. If you have a vibrant backsplash design, adding a linear block can create a calmer, more grounded element.

Horizontal lines are the epitome of the modern theme, making Linear Mosaic Backsplash the perfect design choice when you want to add an accent element to suit your contemporary kitchen.

A wide range of linear tiles are available to suit all budgets and styles. For example, create a luxurious backdrop in your kitchen with a combination of linear metal and frosted glass tiles.

Glossy tiles are randomly laid out in a variety of lengths, but a uniform height with square inserts in the middle.frosted glass tiles. The surfaces of both materials are structured,simulate the appearance of bricks. The glossy, glossy finish against the moody lights creates an opulent, eye-catching backdrop in your kitchen.

mosaic tile backsplash materials

Mosaic kitchen backsplash (design styles) - design idea (15)Here we share the different materials used for mosaic backsplashes.

Porcelain mosaic backsplash

Mosaic kitchen backsplash (design styles) - design idea (16)In addition to their waterproof surface, porcelain stoneware tiles are the ideal finishing material for kitchens due to their durability and versatility. There are hundreds, if not more, of porcelain tile design options available at your local hardware and hardware stores in many different colors, textures, patterns, materials and finishes.

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So you can easily find the right porcelain stoneware tile to suit your personal taste or inspired kitchen design. FORporcelain backsplashUsing a mosaic design is inexpensive, and even homeowners on a budget can get a stunning backsplash that looks like marble tile.

Unlike quarry stone, porcelain stoneware tiles allow you to simulate textures that are difficult or impossible to install as a kitchen backsplash, such as wood.

ceramic mosaic tile

Mosaic kitchen backsplash (design styles) - design idea (17)Ceramic tile, one of the oldest tile materials, can rival the look of expensive natural stone accents with the variety of designs available with simulated textures.

Lighter than quarried stone and porcelain, yet more durable than vinyl or glass tile, ceramic mosaic flooring is ideal for lightweight substrates like drywall.

Furthermore, the lighter material means easier handling and good workability.ceramic tilesit is also easier to cut compared to porcelain stoneware or quarried stone, allowing ceramic mosaic inserts to be incorporated into existing tile installations or recessed into a corner or edge.

Glasmosaiktilesen Aufkantung

Mosaic kitchen backsplash (design styles) - design idea (18)Glass mosaic tiles impart an opulent quality that makes them an excellent choice for sophisticated or sophisticated kitchen designs. They are also easy to clean and maintain, as mold is unlikely to grow on the surface.

The waterproof surface of glass mosaic tiles also makes them even more suitable as a backsplash material behind a countertop, as dirt and stains cannot penetrate the glass.

Most manufactured glass mosaic tiles are heat, fire and UV resistant, which means they are also ideal for walls behind stoves and fireplaces.In addition,outdoor kitchensyou can install oneglass tile backsplashBecause they are frost-resistant, they form a durable protective layer for your kitchen's exterior walls.

Due to their fluidity during manufacture, glass mosaic tiles can be any size and shape, but the most common kitchen mosaic tiles come in ½ inch by ½ inch square shapes. This makes it more versatile to install in different layouts.

Due to its translucent and shiny surface, glass mosaics can be combined with other mosaic materials like stone or metal as decorative pieces.

Marble mosaic backsplash

Mosaic kitchen backsplash (design styles) - design idea (19)Marble mosaics are exquisite and nothing beats the natural qualities of genuine quarried stone. The distinctive look and translucent quality of the marble brings a light and airy feel to the kitchen area.

The popular white marble, such asBacksplash aus Carrara-Marmor, blends well with modern or traditional kitchens, and its soft gray to blue veining can add a striking aesthetic without overpowering a space.

Other marble backsplash design options are available from Marble Mosaics such as: B. Diamond Mosaic Tiles, Long Octave Polished Designs, and White Marble Italian Floral Mosaics. The choice of designs is great.

Peel and paste mosaic backsplash

Mosaic kitchen backsplash (design styles) - design idea (20)If you are looking for a cheaper temporary spruce backsplash, peel and stick mosaic backsplash is an ideal choice. They are thinner and lighter, and the vinyl material also comes in removable versions that can be easily changed without damaging your walls.

With their manufacturing process, there are endless designs to choose from and they are available at almost every local and online hardware store.

Experience a stunning simulated Moroccan mosaic or retro-inspired tile look without the complicated and expensive process of installing it in your kitchen backsplash. It's quick and easy, which means you don't have to hire a professional to install it.Peel and Paste Backsplashmosaic design.

copper mosaic backsplash

Mosaic kitchen backsplash (design styles) - design idea (21)The copper material itself is a metal that exudes an ancient sophistication, yet is versatile enough to be shaped into modern designs. The rich color can serve as an extensive mosaic installation for an entire kitchen backsplash, as well as being a versatile tile that can accent almost any type of material.

There are countless ways to enjoy the rich luster of copper mosaics. A simple square copper tile can be placed as an insert against black or white tiles, or lined with a backsplash finish to create a transition between materials.

Despite its metallic appearance, copper's reddish-orange color lends a homely feel to a visual installation, as its malleable material makes it easy to mold into intricate details. Textured copper tiles with organic to geometric patterns are also available.

mosaic mortar

Mosaic kitchen backsplash (design styles) - design idea (22)What should be the distance between your joints? One of the first questions homeowners ask when laying tile backsplash. When designing or installing a tile on the backsplash, the color and spacing of the grout will also affect the visual perception of the tile's appearance.

In addition to being a key design consideration, determining the appropriate grout gap for a given tile material will reduce the number of tiles that will chip or fall out of the intended pattern.

While there are no hard and fast rules for grout spacing or design, your tiles need guidelines and recommendations to achieve consistency and visual balance for your kitchen backsplash. TCNA or Tile Council of North America (formerly Tile Council of America) recommends using the tile material as a reference for allocating grout space.

Tile manufacturers suggest that the grout should be at least 1/8 of an inch to 3/16 of an inch. Also, joint gaps greater than 1/8 inch may require additional sand mortar. However, in most installations, arough mortarused for kitchen backsplash.

Instances between tiles create lines. Therefore, the more tiles that are laid, the more visible the grout lines will be. Thinner grout lines are a popular modern feature, as they suggest a more minimalist approach; The smaller the joint area, the less spaces there are for dirt and grime to cling to.

But again, it's important to consider the material of your tiles, as there are materials that work better with thicker grout. Thinner grout generally works well with mosaic tiles as they are unlikely to have edges or irregularities in the pattern.

A smooth, even finish is required to appreciate a mosaic tile installation on your kitchen backsplash. With its small size, uneven mosaics are more noticeable unless mosaic panels are being laid. The finer the mortar, the more noticeable uneven surfaces will be. Field movement joints, also known as soft joints, should be considered.

Occurrence of field movements:

20 pes to 25 pes:internal applications

8 pegs to 12 pegs:outdoor applications.

In general, a minimum of 3/8" to ¼" gouge expansion is recommended, but it is quite visible compared to 1/8" or 1/16" gouge.

The best adhesive for mosaics.

Mosaic kitchen backsplash (design styles) - design idea (23)In addition to the grout, the type and brand of tile adhesive is important for achieving a perfect mosaic tile kitchen backsplash. Glue is used to glue the tiles against the surface of the wall.

Mosaic, backing, and wall material are all considerations when choosing the best adhesive for your mosaic backsplash.

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PVA – Polivinilkleber:PVA is mostly used indoors and is safe to use as it is less toxic. The adhesive's strong consistency can hold dense and heavy tiles.

In addition to allowing tiles to adhere to a surface, PVA can be mixed with water to create a sealing solution. For best results, a 50:50 ratio or any manufacturer's recommendations should be followed.

Cement Adhesives (Thinset):To put it simply, some brands may not be as strong as their own blends as each use case may be different.

Depending on the tile type, tile orientation, surface finish and environmental factors, these can affect the performance of the adhesive over time.

Unlike PVA, Thinset can be used outdoors. It can even be used on uneven surfaces. The good thing about using this glue is how easy it is to use. The consistency is like cake frosting, which makes it easy to apply.

Consistency should also allow it to adapt well to a surface.The use of this adhesive is extensive. With the simple addition of acrylic medium, it can be waterproofed, extending its reach.

Mosaic kitchen backsplash (design styles) - design idea (24)Liquid Nails:This type of adhesive is ideal for sticking heavy tiles to a surface. Glue requires a caulking gun or smaller packets that can be squeezed like toothpaste.

Depends onAccording to the manufacturer, liquid nails are designed to join different types of materials, except plastics, such as polyethylene and polypropylene.

For quick tile jobs, Liquid Nails can dry in as little as 15 minutes to hold mosaic in place and achieve maximum strength; It can take up to a week to cure, so it's best to be careful when moving newly laid tiles.

Once a tile has gone bad, it is difficult to reinstall or replace. After all, they are quite strong. Some are valued at least a hundred pounds. Liquid nails are ideal for both indoor and outdoor use, so they can be a useful all-purpose construction adhesive.

The downside is that the application may not be as comfortable, as it is recommended not to let the glue come into contact with the skin and the work area must be well ventilated. Finally, it should not be used to glue mirrors, as the chemical reaction will destroy the reflectivity of the mirror.

Mosaic kitchen backsplash (design styles) - design idea (25)Epoxy resin:A strong adhesive that can be used for a variety of projects. Epoxy resin is a highly versatile material, from bonding objects together to creating a permanently transparent display to storing artwork (provided it has been vacuumed).

If you want to use this glue, you'll have to find your way quickly.The two chemical components mixed together are a hardener and a resin. These two chemicals must be mixed immediately before application.

Adhesive items must be fixed, as there is a short working time before the solution becomes too sticky to make adjustments after applying the resin.The work area must also be well ventilated due to toxic fumes. This is not a suitable sticker for beginners.

Silicone transparente:Ideal for surfaces that need to maintain their appearance. Clear silicone dries and works well with glass and mirror surfaces. When applied to tiles, the underside must be well coated. When gluing tiles, be careful of excess silicone and wipe it off immediately. Silicon withstands high loads.

Mastix:A gel with the consistency of peanut butter that is used to glue tiles and other objects, but can also be used to patch holes in walls. It's best to read the specs to see where it can be used, as it's unlikely to work on surfaces exposed to moisture.

The gel can be applied with a spatula. Essentially, the gel spreads on the surface like butter on bread. Of course, whether or not sufficient mass has been applied must be judged to the best of our knowledge and belief.

Putty does not tolerate pressure well, so it is not recommended to use it on tiled floors. It is also not recommended for outdoor locations, especially if it is exposed to moisture. This is best used for gluing tiles to walls.

Can you paint a mosaic backsplash?

Mosaic kitchen backsplash (design styles) - design idea (26)There's no doubt that mosaic tiles have the potential for a long-lasting finish on our kitchen backsplashes. But as timeless as they are, our tastes are likely to change over time.

you can do that toopaint a mosaicback wall? Yes, you can paint over a tile installation as long as proper steps are taken to ensure the paint adheres to the existing tile.

The best colors according to the mosaic material:

glass mosaic:Lackfarbe

Steinmosaik:Latex or acrylic paints

Metalmosaic:Oil-based paints, such as enamel paint.

porcelain mosaic:Enamel or epoxy paint

Surface preparation:

1.Mosaic cleaning:Use a sponge and soap to remove dirt and grime from your tiles. Warm water can help remove oils more effectively.

2. Let the surface dry:Dry the surface with a clean cloth, getting into nooks and crannies.

3. Lightly polish the surface: Create a rough surface with extra-fine sandpaper so that the paint adheres better. This method is especially important for shiny surfaces like glass.

4. Cover sections with masking tape:Use the tape on nearby surfaces that don't need painting. This helps protect these areas, maintaining a cleaner, more even edge between materials. Also, wrap accessories like the sink or faucet in plastic to protect them as well.

5. Apply a polish: Haze helps to remove or dull existing finishes on the mosaic surface.

6. Apply a layer of Bonding Primer: apply a coat of primer to the mosaic wall. This coating seals your material and creates a surface that paint can easily adhere to.

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With a mosaic kitchen backsplash, you can breathe new life and personality into your home. Small tiles have been a popular design element for centuries and we see that evolving tastes haven't deterred the love for this versatile medium. What do you think of the mosaics? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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