75 amazing scar tattoo covers (2023)

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No one should be ashamed of their scars, but why not make art out of them? You can find numerous tattoo ideas online to cover up scar tattoos that turn scars into masterpieces.

Luckily, an experienced artist can offer you a wonderful way to turn your scars into canvas and express yourself at the same time. We hope these scar tattoos will either amaze you with the work of tattoo artists or inspire you to get your own tattoo!

1 - This stunning work of art transforms a scarred arm into a unique canvas.

2 – A talented artist made a surgical incision in his knee in a groundbreaking play. What an impressive result!

3- This beautiful piece on the back perfectly hides a scar. No one would ever know it was a scar tattoo!

4 - If you can't hide it, make it part of the screen. A tattoo artist took advantage of this raised scar.

5 – A modified lotus flower tattoo covers the scars on the arm. these colours? Unbelievable!

6- You might not want a tattoo. But you want a disguise? Please take a look at this skin colored tattoo; makes the skin look flawless again.

7 – A tummy tuck orCaesarean sectionit can leave a long mark on the abdomen. Instead of hiding your belly, show it off proudly with custom artwork.

8- These delicate flowers and branches easily hide a long scar.

9 – This expertly shaded black and white rose is one of the best scar tattoo ideas. The monochrome look never goes out of style.

10- The artist who has the ability to create tattoos to hide fears is certainly special. But someone who can help someone feel more secure afterwardstraumatic injurylike a lost eye is priceless.

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11 - People ask for tattoos to cover the scars on their legs to feel confident enough to show off their legs. This artist cleverly built a scar into the game board. Bright!

12 – Artists can not only create interesting tattoos for scars but also cover stretch marks after weight gain or pregnancy.

13 – No navel after surgery? Well no problem. While you can fix this with another operation, you might as well make a quirky statement about it.

14 – Open heart surgery can leave extensive scars. Celebrate being a survivor. Instead of getting tattoos to hide post-op scars, find a way to make that badge of honor stand out.

Image 15 – These delicate cherry blossoms can be one of the most beautiful scar tattoo ideas you can imagine. The raised scar adds dimension to the artwork.

Image 16 – A whimsical tattoo of an owl makes a beautiful scar cover on the arm. The bright colors and unique shape make this a spectacular work.

17 - You can hide many imperfections with clothes. Not so much when it appears obvious! What a cute cover.

18 – This clever chest tattoo uses the scar as a focal point and shows someone's love for scuba diving.

19 – This person has regained their confidence to be sleeveless. She chose a delicate bouquet of flowers and a cute butterfly to create a scar tattoo to hide this blemish.

20- This raised scar became the body of a butterfly colored blue and purple. The masterful use of color and shading makes this one of the smartest scar tattoo ideas. Butterflies are signs ofTransformation, and this tattoo certainly lives up to that expectation.

21 - Tattoos with larger scars can be difficult for artists. This cat and flower theme covers a large area beautifully.

Image 22 – Colorful flowers and a monarch butterfly complement perfectly the scars in the chest area.

23 – This vertical scar runs from this woman's stomach to her collarbone. A tall, graceful iris creates the perfect shape to follow the pattern of the scars, and rich, shaded colors trick the eye into making the scars disappear.

24 - Artists often customize designs to accommodate each person's cover-up needs. This back is the perfect large scar tattoo.

25 - If you have a belly full of scars, you might be embarrassed to wear your favorite bikini. After an artist transforms the scars into a classic floral pattern, come back and look forward to a day at the beach.

26 – Praying hands and a cross are classic religious tattoo options. The shape fits perfectly on this person's chest.

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27 – People who recover from self-harm often live with painful memories. But this phoenix scar cover tattoo hides the physical damage and reminds one of his resurrection from the ashes.

28 - These cheery pink and light green flowers perfectly conceal a scarred arm.

29 - In addition to scarring, people visit tattoo artists to cover up large birthmarks. The orange blossoms here perfectly blur those large port wine stains.

30 - This person had a large surgical scar on his thigh and hip. The artist created a custom, expertly shaded floral pattern. What a confidence booster that should be!

31 – This person asked the tattoo artist to do a tribute to his favorite movie. Movie themed tattoos to cover up scars can be one of the funniest ideas!

32 - Artists also create tattoos to cover leg scars to conform to the specific shape, like this curved scar. The curve is hidden in the lines of the drawing.

33 - Tattoos to cover scars can be customized to suit any taste. Anyone steampunk?

34 - Fire victims have lifelong visual memories of their injuries. But anyone who wants can opt for tattoos to cover up scars!

35 – This tattoo artist used the oval shape of this large scar as the background for this third eye tattoo.

Image 36 – The texture of this scarred area perfectly matches the mouth of this ferocious shark tattoo.

37 - Once again, a skilled artist plays masterfully with the scarred area. A turtle is gliding in this beautiful scar tattoo. The oval shape becomes your shell.

38 - This scar on the instep of the foot does not prevent you from wearing your favorite sandal! This person chose to cover theirs with an eye of providence.

39 - Another ancient birthmark - this one transforms into a natural looking black and white wolf.

40 - The artist fashioned angel wings from a large area of ​​the arm covered by a series of birthmarks.

41 – Once again we see someone using their natural features as the basis for their body art. This port wine birthmark is paired with a spiky wine glass tattoo.

42 – Again, scar cutting need not be a daily reminder of past harmful behavior. Better days are ahead as reflected in the primary colors of this geometric scar tattoo.

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43 – A monochromatic floral pattern, on the other hand, offers equally elegant coverage.

45 – A vertical surgical scar on the abdomen can be a bit tricky. But these pretty pink cherry blossoms provide the perfect cover-up.

46 - Adding colorful flourishes to an existing horseshoe tattoo and a series of multiple scars adds a fun pop of color and covers up that scar.

47 - Of course there are many aspects of nature to consider and this mountain scene covers a large burn scar on his stomach.

48 – These bright red poppies perfectly hide those scars on the back of the calf. This is so beautiful. In fact, no one can say it was an area of ​​concern.

49 – This sweet pink and purple hydrangea flower tattoo covers a scar on the back of this person's shoulder.

50 - A tattoo artist restored this man's confidence by recreating his nails for him after he lost his fingertips: what an extraordinary idea.


52 – This artist has a large vertical tattoo stretching from his belly button to his rib cage covered with sweet blue flowers and a hint of natural looking leaves.

53 - This person had a large area of ​​the biceps covered with scars. She boldly shows her faith with a depiction of Jesus on her arm. Religious symbol tattoos for scars are still very popular.

54 - Weight gain can cause stretch marks anywhere on the body, even on the arms. So this person treated those marks with a unique scar tattoo idea.

55 – Once again we see an embossed scar that has been worked on the tattoo. In fact, this artist turned the scars into a lightsaber.

56 - So what do you do with a big, bumpy, scarred area on your shoulder? They grab the tiger by the tail.

57 - Spinal surgery leaves surgical marks like the others we've seen. This incision ran from the lower back to just below the neck of this person. Luckily, an experienced artist was able to provide her with a custom piece that she will treasure forever.

58 - Here a tattoo artist superimposes a dark birthmark on the tail of a classic koi fish.

59 – Nobody wants to live with a long scar on their arm after an injury. Of course, with the help of a little skilfully applied paint, you don't have to!

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60 – This cesarean tattoo celebrates the beauty of imperfection. In fact, this phrase is another one that people should remember.

61 – Many women refrain from breast reconstruction after a mastectomy and opt for tattoos to remind them of their inner strength.

62 – This monochromatic crow tattoo is so much more than just a scar tattoo. It is actually a masterpiece in its own right!

63 – Protruding scars pose special challenges for artists. This one used irregular dots to create texture in this colorful hummingbird and floral art.

64 - This long, jagged scar serves as the focal point in this motivational quote.

65 This woman had a scar that ran from one hip to the other. Instead of settling for something that didn't make her happy, she turned it into this pink and green floral masterpiece.

66 - Here we look again at how we cover a cesarean scar with this iridescent coral and phoenix blue.

67 - Instead of scars, some disguises are from previous tattoo artists who are not as skilled. This cover-up turned an unwanted tattoo on her lower back into a sensational peacock on this woman's lower back.

68 – This watercolor inspired stomach tattoo covers a large area of ​​stretch marks on the abdomen.

Image 69 – This black and white tattoo covers a high scarred area. Shading erases any signs of a scar or blemish.

70 – This woman used to cut her thighs. So when it came time to put that behind him and cover up the damage of the past, he decided to use a lamp to signal the light at the end of his dark days. Also, she decided to uncover some of the scars to remind them of growing up, what a lovely feeling.

71 - Instead of covering up a long scar on her thigh, this woman chose to use the scar to underline a meaningful phrase: "I will find strength in pain".

72 - This solid color back piece works like magic, drawing attention away from a surgical scar.

73 – These abstract blue pine cone tattoos cover the scars on the arms.

74 - Indeed, long, jagged scars pose a unique challenge to the artists who paint them. However, a vine or ivy and flowers, as seen here, fit this situation perfectly.

75 - A small onecrescent shapedThe tattoo between the shoulder blends represents the moon in this nighttime fishing scene. How cute is that?

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